numero uno!

Heyyy!!!! <<< (my husband thinks I am yelling or upset when I text him that)

I am a San Antonio native and my “Spanish” is horrendous! I am totally new to this blogging thing… I think I made this blog so YOU can learn more about me. I am very creative with everything EXCEPT writing. This really is totally out of my comfort zone. Wish me lots of luck!

I have big plans to start making some how to videos/picture tutorials on the “Jessica” way of things. I take pride in the fact that I can see things and I know how to break it up by shape to be able to recreate it.  I will also be posting some of my home decorating projects, finished cakes and party decor!!

This week I have 3 cake orders and 2 cookie orders….. the themes this week are hunting, pink and gold bridal shower and a Nightmare Before Christmas cake!!

I would love feedback on some tutorials you’d like to see! Be sure to check out my Facebook and Instagram for up to date posts! =)

Oh and my favorite quote is “life is short, so make it sweet!” – unknown


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