Do you LOVE Kendra Scott?!!

I was more than EXCITED when I was asked to make some sugar cookies for the new Spring 2016 Collection at Kendra Scott!! I mean duh… her jewelry is GORGEOUS!! I am friend with the manager at our Quarry location and she sent me pictures of the inspiration and we chatted about what was important to capture. It was totally nerve racking! The line is “designed to inspire creativity” and I was asked to let the inspiration show through to the cookies! I think I did just that! I felt like a true artist and kept thinking to myself “let it be free.” I hope y’all love them as much as I do! ❤


This new line is absolutely stunning! Make sure to stop by the Quarry location or the LaCantera location today! 


You can also shop the new collection from the comfort of your home! 





Jalapeno Chicken Salad

I LOVE spicy!!! Like seriously my whole life I have loved spicy food!! My brother and I used to actually have a contest of how many jalapeños we can eat on one nacho. If I see anything jalapeño flavored I typically buy it! I came across this Jalapeño Salt seasoning at HEB the other day and I have no idea how I lived without it before.


My husband and I (really just me) are really trying to eat better this year! After I had our second child I have had a harder time losing the baby weight and he’s 18 months now. I have been making a lot of salads this past week and honestly I don’t know why I rarely did before since they are super easy!! Tonight, I figured I’d take some pictures and share because we both LOVE this dish! I am sure it’s not SUPER healthy, but I do know it’s WAY more healthy than what I typically make, so in our eyes its a “WIN-WIN”. I totally improvise when I cook, so feel free to add or remove things to fit into you and your family taste preference!!

What you need for the Salad-

  • Bag of your favorite salad
  • Chicken tenders
  • Tomatoes (if you please)
  • Cilantro
  • 1 fresh ear of corn
  • Jalapeno Salt
  • Pam
  • Crumbled Goat cheese (I KNOW this is NOT low in fat)
  • Avocado (I forgot to pick this up, but I thing it’s a must!)







  1. Heat skillet to medium temp. and spray Cast Iron skillet.
  2. Sprinkle chicken with Jalapeño salt, and then grill your chicken for about 10-15mins depending on thickness.
  3. While chicken is cooking, chop cilantro, cut corn off the cob, and chop the tomatoes.
  4. Once chicken is full cooked, let rest.
  5. Reduce heat to a low-medium temp and spray pan again. Add corn to skillet and cook till lightly charred. YUMMY!!!
  6. Cut chicken into bite size pieces.

Toss all ingredients!

Spicy Ranch dressing (a healthy version)

  • 1/2 cup fat free plain greek yogurt
  • 1/4 cup low fat milk
  • garlic powder to taste
  • cracked black pepper to taste
  • salt to taste
  • Jalapeno salt to taste

Whisk all together! Drizzle on top of salad and ENJOY!!

Let me know what you think!! If there should be better instructions or more pictures, I would love some feed back if you tried this at home. 🙂

Have a blessed week!


Wild ONE!!

SO, this Saturday my besties baby girl turns ONE!! I am totally obsessed with little girls and all things girly! We have been planning on doing a Smash Cake Photo Shesh for over a month now. Today it happened and all it turned out amazing!! I absolutely love this trend, I actually did this when my oldest turned ONE…. about 8 years ago! ❤

IMG_5272 (3).jpg
Camila is ONE

I have a Canon DSLR camera that I totally have no idea how to use and I have no “eye” for picture taking. My bestie was the “photographer” today and I think she did great! We did all the pictures at my house since the weather put a TOTAL damper on our outdoor plans(we were totally bummed about that). We took advantage of Pinterest to help us decide on our Plan B.


What we did……She bought about 20 balloons (12 inflated with helium and 8 we blew up). We duct taped them to the floor at different heights and then used the ones we blew up to cover the tape.  We hung a banner she found at Hobby Lobby, threw down a rug she already owned and Volia! I was totally planning on making her a smash cake, but ran out of time. Here is an awesome life hack! I bought the cake at HEB for like $8 and scraped of the frosting and decorated it myself! I recently got one of those awesome Silhouette Cameo cutting machines, so I whipped out the “one” topper in no time. We are so happy with the way EVERYTHING turned out! 🙂


What do y’all think?? Is my bestie a future Photographer in the making?!


I hope she stops growing so fast, this year flew by! ❤ ❤ ❤