10 year reunion!

How on earth has it already been 10 years since I graduated high school? Crazy how fast time goes… I would of never thought I would even want to attend my 10 year reunion when I was graduating at 17. I keep thinking about how I really didn’t care about my school or my grades and I only went because I HAD to! I wasn’t the most popular, most liked or most athletic. I never won an award for anything or was even noticed for something special. I basically skipped any class I could and graduated with the BARE MINIMUM. I would of never thought I would actually have my own business decorating cakes! When I look back at all the jobs I ever had I think about how I was always on time and THAT is shocking. I wasn’t THAT student, but I am THAT adult! We are so much more than we were!

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I am actually really excited to go to my reunion! I don’t even remember more than a handful of students, but I think just going and reminiscing about our high school days will be a lot of fun! I mean we are all old enough to look back and laugh about so much. The teachers, the clothing styles and the music we were SO into! It’s funny (sometimes sad) to think what you wanted to be and what you actually became. At 17 and 18 we were so young, but we thought we knew it all! I look at kids that age now like they are 12… I think OMG they are too young to be driving!

We are ALL adults now! Some went to college and some didn’t! We have cars, houses, jobs, children, bills, debt…lots of debt. We can relate now more than ever. We are totally different people now. I remember being rude, not always intentionally, but I know I was. 10 years later there is so much that I hold close to my heart, so much I have gone though. I am more kind and loving than I ever thought I could be. Things I never thought I would care about, mean so much to me. We all pretty much know WHO we are now!


Life is something that should be shared! I hope my graduating class of 2006 feels the same. I hope they decide to take one night off from working or parenting or just the day to day life to come celebrate who we have all become! Life is full of lessons and I hope to learn something new from someone new!

Whoop Whoop JUDSON Rockets!!

We have created a website for all our reunion info! Feel free to donate, buy an ad or share the website!          Class of 2006