Cookie Decorating! 

I took an awesome cookie class last weekend!! I have admired this ladies  work for some time now, so it was very awesome meeting her and seeing that her personality matches her cookies! 

Check out her amazing work!

I was super shocked that so many people taking her class were hobby bakers! This was my very first class I’ve ever taken in person. I was really happy with everything I learned and it was comforting knowing that there was a lot I already knew! 

My favorite part was learning techniques to make my life easier! Another perk was being able to work with new and different products. I loved being able to ask questions. There is just something about going to a class in person! I loved meeting other cookiers and hearing about what they use and where they were from! I wanted to make sure to ask the question everyone wants to know!! “How much do you charge for your cookies?” She is based out of Miami, Florida so keep that in mind! She told us she charges between $5-$15 PER COOKIE for her average cookies. She also makes these AMAZING character cookies that are hand painted and she charges between $20-$30 per cookie for those! Yes those prices are crazy when you think it is just a cookie, but if you should think of it as art! I am constantly blown away by this woman amazing skill!!

Another interesting fact about Sandie is that she began cookie decorating ONLY 4 years ago! She knew nothing and just decide to dive right in! She is SO inspiring to cookie decorators! 

My final product! 😍

I love they way these turned out! I taste tested them the next day! The dough is tasty but I will say I love my recipe much more! Maybe one day I will be as amazing as her and be able to go on tour and give out my recipe! Until then you can always order them from me! 😜